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Local SEO For Tradesmen – Why Should I Care?

I know you’re busy running your local construction firm, I have been in that exact situation myself, I ran my plastering business for 10 years and have experienced the highs and the lows that come with it.  But today, I want to show you how investing in Local SEO for tradesmen can and will make a massive difference to your business, and your life as a result.

It’s not just about getting found in google – it’s about turning visitors into new customers with your unique selling points (more on this later).

The more people that visit your current website, and view your Google business profile, read your reviews and check out your work – the more your phone will ring and then they will engage with you, and you end up with more than your fair share of jobs.

You’ll quickly see more customers and more business, which translates to more money very quickly.

You’ll get the best leads with bigger budgets, you’ll be able to raise your prices to cover the rising costs of materials and most importantly – the snowball effect will get you a steady stream of other customers from referrals.  

Local SEO for Tradesmen
Local SEO for Tradesmen Will Help Your Business Grow

Why Is Local SEO For Tradesmen A Good Investment?

The age of the yellow pages and newspaper ads is long gone – nowadays over 90% of computer and smartphone owners use them to search for products and services every day. Will they find you or someone else, what will they find when they look for you? 

People are quickly moving away from trade recommendation sites (more on this later) and and are now looking for a trusted trader who is located near to where they live.

Useful Search Stats For Local Tradesmen

Almost 80% percent of searches result in an offline transaction source

50% of mobile search queries are looking for an address or phone number of a tradesman near to them source

88% of searches for local businesses result in a visit or telephone call within 24 hours or less source

61% of people are more likely to make a purchase if the tradesman has a mobile phone friendly website experience source

The search terms that include “near me” and “nearby” have risen by nearly 1000% over the last 2 years source

Google My Business listings are one of the most popular sources of reviews for people looking in the search engines.

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Google My Business Helps SEO For Tradesmen
Google My Business Helps SEO For Tradesmen

A lot of Tradesmen don’t understand the value of SEO

When people find you first, they psychologically think you’re the best and will call you an overwhelming majority of the time. When Local SEO is done right by knowledgeable experts like us, who have experience in both running a trades business and doing SEO for tradesmen – it will be fast and affordable!  
OK, I know what you’re thinking:

“I’m a Builder – SEO is too complicated”

And yes, the above can be true – SEO can be complicated.

That’s why I’d suggest consulting the nerds at Leads Champion, who are now off the tools but are still there to do the heavy lifting for your lead generation, because our agency is so experienced, we are familiar with both the ever-changing environment that is Google’s algorithm and also the dynamic needs and expectations of your ideal customer – speaking from years of first-hand experience in our own construction businesses.

“SEO is a waste of my time”

SEO is definitely not a waste of your time – although time consuming, once the initial hard work and setup is done, it takes gradual work each month to grow your SEO presence.
However, consider this – If just one job each month covers the cost of a service that is guaranteed to get you several phone calls a day, from potential clients who want your services – would you consider it a waste of time and resources?

“I know people who have invested in new business and got no results”

You may also know a lot of other tradesmen who have invested in SEO and got no results, which makes me really frustrated – because just like cowboy builders in the real world, there are also a good number of “internet rogue traders” who don’t understand the full picture, rather like an apprentice builder who turns up ready to restore a stately home, without the proper tools to do the job.

On the flip-side of this coin, some marketing companies may have amazing technical knowledge and can get decent rankings, but they do not understand the language of your potential customers. If all elements of your online presence are not working together – then you will more often than not, struggle to convert these into actual cash and card payments.

A Lot Of Tradesmen Don't Understand The Value Of SEO
A Lot Of Tradesmen Don't Understand The Value Of SEO

To truly measure the success of SEO look at the ROI

With changing marketing environments, previously profitable marketing techniques like direct mail, brochures, and radio advertising have been overtaken by digital marketing strategies like SEO. 

While radio and newspaper will bring you customers, it’s impossible to measure. Many of our clients have added £10 -20,000 to their top line within a few months, which can be measured down to the finest detail. 

Many companies and sole traders stop looking for jobs at word of mouth level. Many leave their marketing budget and monthly fees to chance, in the hope that the advertisements they put on the trades websites will stand out from the 1000’s of other customer reviews. 

For people looking to grow their business, SEO for tradespeople is the perfect solution.

With Search Engine Optimisation, you target your ideal customer and whenever they look for your service in the major search engines, they have instant access to your contact details, can see pictures of your work, check out your great reviews and can get in touch far easier than jumping through hoops to wade through the massive, overwhelming list of other tradespeople.

Local Tradesmen SEO services from Leads Champion utilises keyword research to match your page’s content with what your website visitors and ideal clients are looking for. We strengthen your website signals by focusing on the pillars of SEO.


Three Pillars Of SEO for Tradesmen
Three Pillars Of SEO for Tradesmen

Do local Tradesmen Need their own Websites?

With your own tradesman website, you can show off your qualifications, show your public liability insurance, allow your customers to leave reviews, setup a way for people to pay a deposit, link your social media and much much more.

As I previously mentioned, a lot of tradespeople just focus on other websites like or Rated People.

Granted, some businesses will get some success from sites like Rated People, but these websites are very similar to supermarkets, where consumers can browse many different versions of the same home improvement services, without any individuality or quality.

There are many such websites out there, but the better job quality comes from having an individually designed tradesman website.

Why personal websites are a better solution

Unlike Checkatrade, your results will show up when people are specifically searching for your service in your local area.

Consumers looking for a joiner or a builder, for example, are able to get in touch with your business, literally within a few clicks of their mobile phone.

Speak to us today about a new website to improve your online presence. We specialise in websites and lead generation for local tradesmen.

What does Search Engine Optimisation for Tradesmen Websites Involve?

At Leads Champion, we only focus on the things that create jobs and move the money needle for you.

We only pay attention to the activities that result in:

Organic Traffic From Google Search

Increased Rankings, improved reputation

More Sales

More Leads and Calls,

Websites Like Checkatrade Will Only Get You So Far
Websites Like Checkatrade Will Only Get You So Far

Technical Aspects of SEO for Tradesmen

There are many factors which effect the failure and success of the technical side of SEO, each website is rated based on these factors.

Google will give your website feedback in the form of the free traffic and rankings you receive, based on how well you have performed these factors.

  1. Inbound linking signal quality – The authority of the websites who feedback into your website.
  2. On-page signals – Presence of NAP (Name address phone) Keyword usage and domain authority of your website.
  3. Behaviour Signals – Clicks to your website, people searching around your website, finding your phone number.
  4. Citation Signals – How many places does your NAP appear on syndicated web properties.
  5. Google Local Signals – Keywords and relevant locations matching your website, and  proximity of people searching for your business.
  6. How well your content resonates with your target audience. Does your marketing message speak to your ideal customer?
  7. Review signals – How many reviews do you have and how good are they?
  8. Social Signals – How well does your social content resonate with your target audience on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin?

How are you Different than any other SEO SERVICE?

As I mentioned before, Leads Champion is not only an expert SEO agency, but we have ex tradesmen who work here for us, which gives us a huge advantage when it comes to providing SEO for tradespeople.

We not only understand the technical aspect, but we have also been in the trenches of the day to day workings of the building trades.

We understand what it feel like to be a builder, a plumber, a joiner or an electrician – and as a result we also understand the needs, wants and expectations of your ideal customers.

If you are a tradesmen who needs SEO, then our team of experts can create an effective marketing strategy that drives sales by considering how your customers think. Which of these principles have you considered applying to increase your sales online?

Let us know! We would love to hear from you

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So first of all, we will talk with you about your business, review your sales process, analyse your target market and identify your strongest keywords. Then based on all the information you give us, we will perform a custom audit for your website, which highlights any problems that are hurting your bottom line and keeping you from the front page of google – absolutely free!


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You will be speaking with one of our highly skilled SEO specialists, who will talk you through the results, which pertain specifically to your needs and requirements and that benefits your style of doing business.

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