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Leads Champion Local SEO and Web Design is a professional digital marketing company that will help you with all of your online marketing and local SEO needs.

We offer many solutions including local SEO, website design, complete creative design service, including brand new logo, branding, online marketing strategies and more!

Our highly skilled and flexible team of web design professionals will exceed you expectations in every way – and are ready to tackle your new project and help your businesses do a great job for your clients.

Local Construction SEO Services
We specialise in SEO for tradesmen

How we specialise

We especially welcome new projects from Construction businesses and local contractors.

We have years of experience and extensive professional knowledge of the industry, however our service will benefit all types of local businesses.

Our unique combination of unparalleled customer insights and technical knowledge will give your website and branding a distinct advantage over the competition in your area.

We love to educate each of our new clients about the benefits of Local SEO and digital marketing and how it can help grow your business in so many ways.

Read on to discover more creative ideas and learn more about our great website services!


That is the question that many website owners ask themselves when they are deciding what to do with their online presence.

If the answer is “a lot,” and by rights it should be, then you should be focusing on promotion, conversion rates and optimisation strategies.

Many businesses spend time trying to increase traffic to their website, and fail miserably. One of the top 5 biggest challenges faced by local business owners is technology adoption and an ineffective web presence.

The problem is counter intuitive and lies within the high quality of a tradesmans work,  which is usually the merit on which he finds more jobs.

But, having a beautiful website that nobody sees is the same as having a great business card and not giving it to anybody, your website is working properly when it is the number one search result in your target area.

If it is not then you would definitely benefit from our services.             

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Digital marketing is a broad term, which includes local SEO and web design services. What this does is optimise your site for all the correct keywords in your given industry and improve your web design for increased user satisfaction.

Our expert local digital marketing experts at Leads Champion can help create websites and marketing solutions for your business or update the existing one to make them more appealing to customers.

Most importantly – we refine our SEO and web design process to build websites that make sure people find your product or service, resulting in more new customers coming to speak to you and and increase in your sales.

Advanced Local SEO Tools
We Use Advance Local SEO Tools To Research The Most Competitive Keywords For Your Local Business

We do this by researching custom keywords related to your product or area of expertise, using all the latest cutting edge tools and softwares available.

This will give you the absolute best competitive advantage in you local area and let you know exactly what search terms you should be targeting with SEO campaigns to help build you brand.


If you’re looking for a perfect website revamp or a completely new website for your organisation, to look good on both a mobile phone and desktop, our expert website design services team are second to none.

Find out why we are the number one trusted web design company and digital agency and let us talk you through our whole development process.


You might need a new website if your current website is out of date and not mobile friendly.

A lot has changed in the last few years when it comes to digital marketing and online business, especially websites, so keeping up with what works best for you can be difficult without professional web design services.


Other services our team of developers can help with, include fixing any problems with your current website and making sure the website loads in under 3 seconds. Any slower and Google will apply a penalty, which will stop you ranking in the top position.

Web design has come a long way in recent years, and so has the way Google scores your website in terms of user friendliness.

For example, Google will penalise websites that do not have a mobile friendly site, also slow loading webpages that have broken links and errors will suffer.

How we can help

SEO For Trades

We have vast experience in the area of SEO for trades and construction based businesses. If you are an independent contractor or if you have a large business, specialising in any type of trade - then Leads Champion are the people to help you


Make sure you are the most visible business in your local area. Be on top of the search engine rankings for your product or service to get the most organic leads and sales as possible from the most popular search tool in the world.


Regular SEO and local SEO are completely different animals - luckily Leads Champion has you covered with both local and national coverage. We have proprietary systems in place for ranking your website anywhere in the world.

WEb Design

Maybe your website is in need of a revamp, or you are looking for a completely new website for your business? We offer a range of web design services to suit your individual requirements, using the most search engine friendly technology and practices available

We are Local Trades SEO

How would you like your business to be the #1 search result people see when they search for local services? Our Google approved SEO services guarantee first page rankings for your product or service. We will optimise your site, your listings and your backlink profile, on a daily basis. Our brand new AI driven technology will ensure your website is THE most visible in your area.

seo west midlands

Yes I would like a free WEBSITE SEO Audit worth £299

Are you leaving money on the table? If you currently have a website and are not getting as much traffic and sales as you like, then you would definitely benefit from our free audit service.


Our audits are extremely comprehensive and unique, because we will not only review your sales process, but we will identify how to drastically improve your websites technical performance and search engine visibility.


So first of all, we will talk with you about your business, review your sales process, analyse your target market and identify your strongest keywords. Then based on all the information you give us, we will perform a custom audit for your website, which highlights any problems that are hurting your bottom line and keeping you from the front page of google – absolutely free!


Everything we do is aimed specifically for your business – this is at absolutely no cost to you and there is no catch at all.


Please note, this is not a sales call, we offer this unique service because many of the business owners we speak to are so impressed with our suggestions that they ask to become a client there and then.


We comfortably charge £299 for this level of comprehensive business analysis and planning, but are offering this service free for a limited time only.



You will be speaking with one of our highly skilled local SEO specialists, who will talk you through the results, which pertain specifically to your needs and requirements and that benefits your style of doing business.

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